Friday, January 5, 2018

How to determine the damage and injury range of a car accident

Traffic accidents. Even a minor car accident can surprise you at least. Of course, if you are injured in a car accident or the property is damaged by a car accident, the emotion can become worse. 

For the safety of your safety and others, even though your car insurance claim is progressing much more smoothly, it is important to be calm and understand before a car accident or collision, and to determine the degree of car accidents and injuries.

How to determine the damage and injury range of a car accident

Stay calm

The first step is to keep it calm. 

It's probably the hardest thing to do, but maintaining serenity will allow you to be in a better position to help others and remember important details that are important to your insurance agent or lawyer in the future. 

Maintaining the consistency also helps to document the details physically.

First in emergencies

Next, call 911 before you complete the proof of the damage document. 

Then make sure you have a wounded person. Help immediately. Also, if you are in a hazardous area to leave your vehicle, you should try and move it if possible. or leave everything intact for the policeman. 

Once an urgent emergency situation does not occur, go to the Globe box and store disposable cameras, pens and paper for specific purposes of the car accident or documentation for collision accidents.

Photos and documents

Start taking photos as fast as possible before the officer or other driver moves.

You feel like you have taken a lot of photos and quickly record the memories of the accident. 

If you have witnesses, get your name and number along with what you have witnessed. 

Anyone involved in a traffic accident needs to know their name and phone number and their account for that case.

Don't argue if you disagree.

Cooperate with the police.
This should be a policeman. Always cooperate with the police and always ask and report the accident.

Sometimes writing a lot of documents can be inconvenient for you and others, but it can be very important if you are dealing with insurance claims quickly or in a car accident.

Considerations for documenting the degree of car accidents and damage:

1. List any missing or damaged personal items stored in the car, such as electronic products, glasses, wallets or purse contents.

2. Record what you feel physically, but make sure it doesn't matter. Sometimes a small back pain caused by a traffic accident can cause serious problems such as a few days later. 
Record the same medical information for everyone involved in the incident.

3. It is important to take all photos and be especially careful about documenting damage to your photos by looking for other things that are damaged in car accidents such as skid marks and light pole or wood.

4. Do not sign anything unless you fully recognize what you are agreeing to. If you do not understand who to sign, it is best to contact an accident attorney for help. 

Also do not admit that the police in charge of the details of the car accident are only discussed and convicted. 

Insurance companies and/or attorneys need only specific details to determine who is responsible for the damages.


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