Friday, January 5, 2018

Car insurance Scams, Suspicious If You're a Winner!

Even with black boxes and CCTV monitoring all over the world, car insurance scams are becoming increasingly serious.

In the five years since 2010, the number of people caught in a car insurance scam is 260,000, which is the average of 156 people per day.

Car insurance Scams, Suspicious If You're a Winner!

If anyone driving is a car insurance scam that can be targeted, or a sudden accident in an unexpected situation, you may be embarrassed, and we will tell you how to deal with the situation where you can doubt the car insurance scam.

High chair

Fraud type 

A case in which a pedestrian secretly hidden behind a pedestrian crossing before the crosswalk had to go to the vehicle to turn left in violation of the signal.

Features of a cheater (behavioral) 

  • Notify the vehicle driver of the accident that a pedestrian is screaming.
  • Securing the witnesses to the accident facts by mobilizing people around 10. 
  • Use of the weakness of the public negligence accident to require the payment and insurance receipt without police report.
  • Minimize the likelihood of insurance fraud by accepting the amount offered by the insurer without unreasonable requirements, such as a large settlement fee.

How to respond to victims

  • Do not panic in the event of an accident, and ensure accurate and objective evidence of the vehicle's contact with pedestrians and the damage to the pedestrian area.
  • Make accurate information on the site, such as contact of pedestrians
  • In the case of investigating a police officer or insurance company, such as the feeling that there was no contact with the person, specifically explaining the circumstances of the accident and claiming that the suspected accident.

Accident in violation of vehicle law

' Fraud type '

Cases in which vehicles that have been parked by an unauthorized vehicle will inevitably crash without slowing down in the face of an oncoming vehicle

' Features of a cheater (behavioral) '

  • The sudden departure from a standstill and enough to avoid it, the progress caused the accident.
  • We threaten to take criminal responsibility for violations of the center line, and require agreement and insurance. 
  • A large number of personnel aboard the affected vehicle

' How to respond to victims '

  • in the incident process, the police officer and the insurance company, etc., after the accident, specifically stating the other person's words and other, claiming the possibility of the accident of the opponent .
  • Contact the witnesses at the time of the accident 
  • Show the progress path and the accident point of the blood vehicle and shoot the collision area as a photograph

Induction of high chewing stone

' Fraud type '

The case after the change in the lane to induce the sudden braking of the vehicle without any special reason

' Features of a cheater (behavioral) '

  • The reason for the sudden increase in speed when changing the lane of the damage vehicle is unclear 
  • Driving a career change in the field of thinking to the driver to think more about the accident. 
  • Require speedy settlement and insurance treatment without vehicle repair.
  • Several people aboard the vehicle

' How to respond to victims '

  • Specifically identify the reason for the sudden cause of the alleged vehicle
  • I display the location of the vehicle in the field after the accident, the time of the accident, the state of the accident scene and the vehicle, etc.
  • Securing witnesses such as peripheral vehicles and rows in the accident
  • In a state-of-the-way, such as the fact that the police officers and insurance agents were able to avoid the alleged vehicle sufficiently, but deliberately shocked
  • After a moment of entering the vehicle to change the car, and the light side of the contact accident occurs, and once you suspect the accident

Wrist stroke

' Fraud type '

A case of intentionally contacting the wrist in a vehicle running in a narrow alley

' Features of a cheater (behavioral) '

  • To determine the fact of the incident, stop the vehicle by shouting loudly and use the surrounding person to identify the incident.
  • Know the laws and procedures related to incident handling
  • Hospital treatment fees, etc., are required in the field, and a small accident is forced to accept insurance

' How to respond to victims '

  • Determine the exact match, the area of injury and the extent of the impact Show the crash scene, the point at which the accused has fallen, and take a picture
  • Securing witnesses ' statements about the accident situation
  • When investigating a police officer, be sure to ask for accident replays and determine the likelihood of accidents

Car Insurance Fraud Act

  • Accident occurs immediately upon receipt of insurance company
  • Proof of accident and collision with photo shoot 
  • Check with an accident vehicle occupant and eyewitnesses
  • Do not admit to the negligence that the other party claims. 
  • Maintenance Check quote and statement confirmation required for car repair 
  • Designated as an insurance company or use a third hospital

Car Insurance Scams Yes way

  • Complying with traffic laws and living a safe driving 
  • Determine if the vehicle is going to be in a different lane when changing lanes.
  • To ensure ample space and to prepare for accidents due to the sudden acceleration of the rear vehicle In places where vehicles and walking inn, such as alleyways or pedestrian crossings, perform.
  • We install accident image storage device including vehicle black box and respond to insurance fraud.
  • The situation in which insurance fraud can be suspected:a prominent, threatening atmosphere, an exaggerated action to focus attention on traffic laws or insurance processing procedures, and the appearance of the proposed consensus conditions are advantageous to the driver.


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