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Best Health Insurance: Reimbursement or Closed Medical Chart?

The main reason that has led to health insurance in recent years to become one of the most important insurance forecast is to have a quick health care, without waiting and being able to choose where we want to be cared for. But what is the best health insurance: reimbursement or closed medical chart?

With the increase in the demand for home insurance, insurance companies have been launched with a wide range of health insurance, leaving us a wide variety of options where we can choose.

Best Health Insurance : Reimbursement or Closed Medical Chart?

There are two types of health insurance, health insurance reimbursement and health insurance for medical chart. 

Best Health Insurance: Medical Chart

Medical health insurance is the one in the insured has economic limitations and limitations to choose the doctor or specialist.

It establishes a maximum amount for which the insurance is faced, for different specialties or different treatments are established different maximum quantities.

The medical chart is a table in which there is a list of centers and professionals that we can go to. So if we go to a doctor, specialist or center that is not in the medical box, the insurance will not take over.

Best Health Insurance: Reimbursement

Reimbursement Health insurance is the one in which the insured has no economic restrictions, or limitations when choosing a doctor or specialist. Although this is the best health insurance we can hire, because it is the most complete, it is also the highest economic cost for the insured, because the price of the policy is much higher than the price of a health insurance policy of medical box.

In reimbursement insurances, as your name suggests, the insured runs with all medical expenses, but then the insurance will reimburse them. The reimbursement is never 100%, usually a 80-90% of the total expenditure is usually contracted.

Although the majority of reimbursement insurances that are marketed are usually structured in policies called mixed. The mixed policies are those that have on the one hand a closed medical chart how in the rest of health insurance, which can be attended without any additional cost, but in turn we can also go to a center or to a specialist outside of the medical table , i.e. reimbursement. In this case, it is a mixed insurance enter the reimbursement insurance and that of medical squared. 

What should be taken into account to choose the best health insurance? Medical Chart or refund?

When choosing the best health insurance not only have to look to be the most complete insurance, the most expensive or the best specialists have, but we also have to take into account what are our needs to choose which is the mode of insurance That suits us the most.

Individual or family health insurance: 

when it comes to a family, the health insurance premium is always more in mind, as more people spend more. If you are a family with children, you usually have a family health insurance set.

On the contrary, if it is a family unit made up of two people, it is more logical to consider whether we make health insurance or reimbursement, as it is easier to assume the cost of reimbursement health insurance.

Stable traveler or Residence:

if we have a stable residence in a given place, and health insurance with medical picture that we offer in our area we consider it quite complete it is not necessary for us to make reimbursement health insurance, as with that of Medical table We will be amply covered.

In the case that we travel a lot, either throughout the year for work or in the course of life, easily changing home is advisable to hire a refund health insurance, in this way we will be covered wherever we are, being able to go to the doctor or Nearest specialist and without worrying about whether or not it is included in the medical box.

If we have a preference for a doctor or not: 

if we have a trust or a preference for a certain physician it is normal for us to be more reluctant to change doctors. In this case the most convenient thing is that we hire a reimbursement health insurance, so we will not have to give up our most trusted physicians.

Therefore, to hire the best health insurance not only have to look to be the most comprehensive insurance, with more medical and more coverage, but we will also have to look at the insurance that best suits our needs. And depending on that we choose a health insurance reimbursement or health insurance of medical box.

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