Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Advantages and Benefits of Life Insurance If Compare to Other Asset

When checking the balance of family finance, you may classify homes, vehicles, pension funds or financial investments as an asset.

It's just, there is another element that could give the benefits that cannot be provided by other assets. This asset is a life insurance policy.

The Added Value Of Life Insurance

Outside of the death benefits, life insurance has some other advantage that can extend and protect your family's financial security.

Advantages and Benefits of Life Insurance If Compare to Other Asset

Here are some additional benefits offered life insurance:

1. Access to Cash

After accumulating, cash value life insurance policy loans accessible through or withdrawn for various purposes such as the financing needs of the family or venture capital, fund education, meet emergency needs, or to pay a premium.

2. Asset protection

Life insurance offers the sum assured directly to beneficiaries when the insured dies.

This money could be used to pay fees and taxes when the process of succession of other assets (tax for behind the name of the property, the cost of the notary to dilute the deposits, etc.).

Sum assured of life insurance memastika family members left unable to pay all the costs.

Death benefits also give family members the funds needed to sustain their lives in comfort.

3. Accumulation of Assets securely & Consistent

Cash value life insurance is guaranteed by the insurance company so you will always have access to assets that will continue to evolve over time.

4. Flexibility with minimal Restrictions

You can access the cash value in life insurance (after a certain period of time) without any restriction that may be contained on other assets.

For example, there is no maturity which must be passed before you can withdraw the money stored in the deposits.

5. Long term Saving Financial for you and your family

After you accumulate cash value for decades, You have several options for accessing these funds.

You can withdraw the cash value, keep some of the benefits of death and pull some cash value, or continue the policy to protect the family and used later as a legacy.

6. Secure top of Various Unexpected Events (Live Cover)

As long as premiums are paid, whole life insurance will provide coverage throughout your life, even if the health or personal situation change.

By purchasing a life insurance policy as early as possible, you can lock all these benefits early and with a fee (premium) lower.


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