Thursday, January 4, 2018

How car drivers can benefit most from insurance rebates

Car insurance providers offer a wide range of discounts when customers meet certain conditions. If you specifically ask, you will be happy about one or the other discount. 

But beware: Usually, discounts are associated with conditions – if they are not complied with, the contract penalties are threatened. 18 possible discounts at a glance.

How car drivers can benefit most from insurance rebates

1. Beginners and first-time owners

In some cases, novice drivers can benefit if their parents have a high degree of damage-free allowance. Some insurance companies then make the descendants of the insured a little cheaper. Car insurance discounts are also available for first-time owners of cars. However, if the vehicle in question is sold, it must be reported to the company.

2. Professional groups

Insurance companies grant discounts to members of certain professional groups. This includes officials or interior workers. According to "Handelsblatt", statistically, they cause fewer accidents.

3. Users of railways and buses

The owner of a Bahncard should present it to the insurance company. For those who use the bus or train more often and leave the car standing, get perks from many companies.

4. Exclusive Driver Discount

If the vehicle is only insured for one driver, the risk of accidents is reduced-the car insurance is cheaper. However, the car may only be used by the person concerned.

5. New cars and first-time owners

If you have a new car or a second-hand car that is less than three years old, you have the chance to get a new car discount for car insurance. This discount is often only valid for the first year of insurance.

6. Garage Discount

In a garage, a car is better protected from theft or severe weather than when parked on the street. If a garage is indicated at the end of the insurance, this can have a positive effect on the premium.

7. House or apartment owner

The owner of a self-occupied house or an apartment is classified as a low-risk insurance group. The companies reward this with a discount – especially if the same insurance includes a residential building insurance.

8. Family Discount

Parents of small but also of larger children usually travel more cautiously and are less involved in accidents. That's why many providers offer a family discount for car insurance.

9. Discounts for women?

Women are preferred by some insurance companies because they are considered more cautious or more defensive drivers. However, since December 2012, there have been unisex tariffs, so that insurance companies can no longer reward a gender group with more favorable premiums. However, existing contracts are not affected.

10. Private Cruises

If the insured car is used only for private trips, some companies grant a discount. The road to work is also considered a private trip.

11. Environmental friendliness

Insurances reward environmentally friendly cars. These include cars that consume little petrol or are emissions. If you have a hybrid or a powered vehicle, you may also receive discounts on car insurance.

12. Freedom of damage

Those who remain free of accidents must pay lower insurance premiums. Insurances reward years of accident-free driving.

13. Safety Training

Vehicle owners who have participated in a recognised driving safety training can ask the insurance company for a discount.

14. Discount for Wenigfahrer

Those who use their vehicles little, also cause fewer accidents-and ideally pay lower premiums. The so-called kilometer mileage is decisive here. Vehicle owners enter these at the conclusion of the contract-deviations must be reported. Many companies question the mileage annually.

15. Loyalty Rebate

Those who have remained loyal to their insurance for many years can expect a discount.

16. Second Car discount

If a second car is registered via a policyholder, this is generally more favorable. Some insurance companies assume that both cars are registered with the same company, while others are not so important.

17. Workshop Binding

Most insurers offer discounts on car insurance if the insured person is obligated to have his car repaired in the event of any damage in a workshop designated by the insurance company.

18. Online Discount

Anyone who completes their insurance online will receive a discount from some insurance companies. For companies, it is cost-saving when financial statements and customer service are handled via the Internet.

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